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Rates & Information

The very first meeting will be a free consultation which will be a chance for the student to express their vocal goals and share their musical and theatrical experiences.  This is also an opportunity for the student to meet me and get a sense of what a typical lesson is like.  The very first session will be to determine what level the individual is at and will only last for 15-20 minutes. 

Every voice lesson will be tailored for each individual's voice and style.     The student will be given a song to practice and work on each week.  These songs will be determined by what type of music the student is interested in, balanced with what the student needs to improve upon. 

The student will work hard...and must to improve.  But they will be doing so in a fun, judgement-free safe space where mistakes are encouraged and progress is celebrated joyfully.

$40 for 30 Minutes

$60 for 45 Minutes

$80 for 60 Minutes
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